Episode 15 (German) - The Boeing 737 MAX disaster - with Andreas Gerstinger

Andreas Gerstinger ist System-Safety-Experte mit Erfahrung in verschiedenen sicherheitskritischen Bereichen, vor allem in der Flugsicherungs- und Bahnindustrie. Er ist bei Frequentis and also lecturer at the UAS Campus Vienna and the UAS Technikum Vienna .

In this episode, we talked about the Boeing 737 MAX crashes in October 2018 and March 2019 that killed more than 300 people in total. A system that was supposed to stabilize the flight attitude was identified as the cause. We discussed in detail the circumstances that led to the incorrect design of this system and ultimately to a system safety failure.

Here are the documents and sources of additional information addressed in the podcast:

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Boeing 737 MAX

Lion Air's Boeing 737 MAX, which crashed in October 2018 - Photo credit: PK-REN CC BY-SA 2.0