Episode 18 (German) - Influence of 5G on avionics in aircrafts - with Holger Flühr

Dr. Holger Flühr is with FH Joanneum since 2003 and has been a professor of avionics and air traffic control technology there since 2006. He also acted temporarily as head of the institute and of the degree programs. Before that, after years of working in research at the Karlsruhe Research Center (became the KIT) and Graz University of Technology, he also worked for a company that deals with the development of high-frequency components for mobile phone applications. Finally, the memberships in advisory bodies and interest groups should be mentioned.

In recent weeks, newspapers and online media have increasingly written about the 5G mobile communications standard and possible complications with airplanes. In short, there is a risk that the 5G cellphone waves could influence planes during landing. And while aviation is generally considered to be very safe, takeoff and landing are among the more critical phases of a flight. Now what about the reports? Mr. Flühr answered these and other questions in the podcast. At the beginning, he explained what avionics actually is and which basic idea is used to design aircraft and their systems safely.

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An airplane and a radio mast - Safe operation without interactions - Photo credit: Hans Braxmeier on Pixabay